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The farm

The Prairerhof farmhouse has existed for at least three centuries. For five generations now, the farm has been managed and run by the very large Mair family.
Originally it was a large farm where fruit, wine and arable farming as well as cattle breeding played an important role. At that time the farm was run by its own people and some employees, such as servants and maids. At that time the farm was the basis of the food supply, and several families lived on it.
In the 1950s, various agricultural machines were gradually purchased, making physical labour easier.
At the beginning of the 70's the first guests were already welcomed at the Prairerhof.
Until 1980 there was still livestock farming on the farm. Then the farm was converted exclusively to fruit and wine growing. At that time, the traditional farmhouse was joined by the Stadl.
In 2009 the barn was demolished and a new farm building was built, which offers two modern apartments on the top floor.
In the farmhouse there is the family-run bed and breakfast with traditional rooms.

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