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Merano thermal baths

An oasis of nature in the city center. The Therme Meran offers around 52,000 m² with 25 pools in the bathing hall and in the thermal park a varied bathing course in the thermal water. There is also a stylishly designed sauna area , relaxation rooms, a spa area and a fitness center.

The thermal bath is open 365 days a year.  It is always worth a visit and can be combined with a cycling, hiking or skiing holiday in any season.


Opening times: Mon - Sun 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.

All further information can be found on the website of the Therme Meran .

Therme Meran
Experience Merano

Whether for a leisurely stroll in the historic arbor alleys, for shopping in traditional shops, for coffee and cake in a cozy café or for a wonderful walk to explore Merano's promenades. Merano is worth a visit in every season.


Tip : Merano can be reached via the Mitterplattweg with a leisurely walk with a fantastic view. Return by bus.

Promenaden & Tappeinerweg

They invite you to let your soul dangle. There's something about the Merano Promenades that makes them very attractive. The surroundings invite you to get out into the fresh air and take a walk around the city and its surroundings, here you can relax from everyday life!

In the city centre along the Kurhaus is the Kurpromenade, it is the most traditional promenade. In summer it can get really hot in Merano, cooling off and shade are promised by large trees along the river. The summer promenade stretches from the Sissi statue to the "Steinernen Steg" and is particularly suitable for a shady walk. In the cold winter months, however, the winter promenade on the opposite side of the river, sunny and partly protected from the wind, is more suitable. The Gilfpromenade stretches from the steep Gilfschlucht gorge to the Pulverturm and connects the promenades with the Tappeinerweg. Merano's most famous promenade is one of the most beautiful high altitude promenades in Europe and offers a mix of alpine and Mediterranean vegetation combined with a magnificent panoramic view. Over a length of almost 4 km it leads from the parish church to Gratsch. Due to the low gradient, it is also suitable for a walk with the pram all year round.

Arcades & shops

Near the parish church is the historical centre of Merano with the medieval arcades, an 800-year-old shopping street. The arbours are divided into mountain and water arbours.

Today, the Merano arbours are 400 metres long and are the longest in Tyrol, inviting you to stroll and shop. They stretch from west to east and thus from the Kornplatz to the Pfarrplatz. A wide variety of shops, from international fashion chains to delicatessen shops with regional products, can be found behind the traditional arches. Weekly markets are held in the adjoining streets.